The plant whisperer, Stuart Herman


Part philosopher and visionary, as well as full-on horticulturist, Stuart Herman brings over 40 years’ experience to our mission. Growing up in the sixties and seventies opened his eyes to the possibilities of a better world through CBD and hemp. Now, he and the CBD Apothecary team are spreading the word and the joy of how nature is our most powerful healer. Stuart is a Hemp Educator/Speaker, member of The Illinois Stewardship Alliance, ASA - American's for safe access, Illinois Hemp Growers Assoc. Illinois hemp Industries Assoc. and the Illinois Farm Bureau.


We’re here to help you feel better


Our mission is simple. To connect you with the wonders of broad-spectrum cannabinoid (CBD) hemp extract via products containing tinctures and oil. Broad-spectrum extract offers the maximum amount of therapeutic potential because it retains the maximum chemical profile - nearly the whole plant spectrum. This results in a nutrient-dense, THC-free  punch of fatty acids, amino acids, terpenes and flavonoids. 


Our promise of purity and safety


We bring over 40 years of horticultural experience to the table. That, and our commitment to integrity, mean you can expect a high-quality product, derived from organically grown hemp, that comes with a 3rd party laboratory certificate. Nothing is more important to us than your well-being.


Getting you the right information


As more and more CBD and hemp products flood the market, it’s important for you to be well-informed. So, look to us as a consistent source of vetted news, studies and scientific developments and industry information intended to clarify misconceptions and shine a light on the truth. We’ll keep you posted on such hemp-focused subjects as:


Paper production
Building materials
Clothing & Fabrics
Medicine ( CBD - Cannabidiols )